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Get the hearing aids you need, pay for them on a monthly basis.
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Here are Hear Life Philippines, we understand that the cost of hearing aids can be a major barrier to better hearing health. That’s why we now offer a Pay Later Plan – a flexible payment option that allows you to get the advanced hearing aids you need today and spread out the payments over time.

Our Pay Later Plan breaks down your total hearing aid costs into easy monthly installments over 6 or 12 months. We offer Widex hearing aids so you get the best hearing solution possible. And there are no hidden fees or tricks – just honest, reasonable payment plans from a provider you can trust.

If the cost of hearing aids is holding you back from improved hearing clarity and quality of life, our Pay Later Plan can help. Contact us today to learn more with no obligation. Simply fill out the form below and our caring hearing experts will give get back to you to discuss the payment options that work best for your budget and needs.

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Pay Later Plan

Start hearing life to the fullest again. Learn more about our Pay Later Plan and get the hearing aids tailored for your needs. Take control of your hearing health today.

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